CPR/First Aid Training Dates for 2017

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

The Martin Fire Department provides CPR/First Aid training twice a month at Fire Station 1 on Neal Street. We perform one weekend and one week day class. We also provide classes in the public at your location. If you would like more information on class please contact Fire Station 1 at 731-587-4919 and ask for Captain Kory Green or Lieutenant Joe Smith.

Dates are also on the calendar page under Community. 


January 9th                   6 PM
January 28th                 9 AM


February 6th                 6 PM
February 18th               9 AM


March 6th                      6 PM
March 18th                   9 AM


April 3rd                       6 PM
April 15th                     9 AM


May 1st                        6 PM
May 20th                      9 AM


June 5th                       6 PM
June 17th                     9 AM


July 3rd                        6 PM
July 15th                      9 AM


August 7th                   6 PM
August 19
th                 9 AM


September 12th           6 PM
September 23rd           9 AM


October 2nd                 6 PM
October 21st                9 AM


November 6th              6 PM
November 18th            9 AM


December 4th              6 PM
December 16th            9 AM